Tanka I : Dance of Violets and Dervishes

Sings his Serenade

Soft. White.Still. Snow. Red silk rose.

Tree’s single flower

Whirling, blue tulips join in

Warm. Now they sing, dance in rain.


(Perhaps unoriginal response to Tree’s Single Flower and Blue Flower’s Dance)


Sparkling Diamond Swords

Sparkling Diamond Swords

In perfect line, stand erect.

Cold, joy tears. Each drops.


Sorrow’s Birdsong (concise version 2)

by Winston and by Autumn
Can one fly far from the pain and the past?
Is sorrow too faithful and one thing that lasts?


by Winston and by Autumn

Sorrow’s Birdsong (Concise version 2)

Can one fly far from the pain and the past?

Is sorrow too faithful and one thing that lasts?

Only a sharp knife meant to cut deep

Is this the one promise that life does keep?

A broken wing; A shattered heart.

Beyond or within this life….

Where is the new start?


Our love is not like a fairy tale; a short love note

Our love is not like a fairy tale


Our love isn’t like those fairy tales. It’s imperfect…. messy… unconditional…true. It is here in the deep trenches of this real world. But we have those magic moments. There’s no way to know what the future holds.  There is no need to promise what is already true. I will love you forever.

for Rory


Summoning Sweet Death

by Autumn

Oh sweetest angel,

I’m ready for a last breath

How do I summon you,

Sweet Angel of Death

This life is not enough

And yet just too much

How do I find this angel?

I just need one kiss or one touch

I want to be far from this place

A bleeding out existence called life

Called life but its really death

Shattering, burning

Just one last breath

May I please leave this place?

What must I do to see an angel’s face?

Sweet Angel, with your mercy and grace

Angel of Death, please show your face

I am ready to breathe

Only one last breath

All I need is a kiss or one touch,

Sweetest Angel of Death